Herbal remedies have been around for many centuries and will probably still be around for many decades. Herbal remedies are made from herbal plants, plant extracts, leaves, berries, flowers, bark and roots. It seems like there is an herb to treat almost every common ailment known to man.

Centuries ago there were no chemical medications and people had to rely solely on herbal remedies. These cures have been passed on through generations of people and many of them are still used without any changes being made.

Herbs are a far healthier way of treating health problems than by using many modern medications that contain substances that have harmful side effects. It is very much easier administering herbal remedies in modern times as we have the convenience of buying them in health stores in the form of pills and capsules. All the work has been done for us.

Many people enjoy growing their own herbs and brewing their own medicinal tea from fresh herbs. Make sure you are well acquainted with herbs before you start brewing your own medicinal tea and remedies. If you are in any doubt get advice from your local herbalist.

  • It is fascinating growing your own herbs in your garden.
  • They are wonderful plants to use as fillers in your flowerbeds.
  • Many herbs are very fragrant and have beautiful colorful flowers that enhance the garden.
  • Another benefit is that they can be used for medicinal purposes when necessary. Many herbs are excellent for aiding digestion and help with weight loss.
  • All herbs are not to be taken internally, but are excellent for external use.
  • Many personal products and skincare products contain one or more herbs to heal and soothe irritated skin, to nourish and help smooth out wrinkles.

In many remote parts of the world, people have no alternative medication to herbs they are totally reliant on them to treat any ailments. Herbs are used for internal and external use. It is amazing the amount of knowledge many of these tribes have concerning herbs. They will find them among other plants on hills and in valleys, no matter where they live. This is knowledge that is passed on from one generation to the next.

Most herbal remedies are documented as herbal dietary supplements in US. It is interesting to note that in UK herbal remedies that are bought over the counter are considered to be herbal supplements, if however, they are bought from a medical herbalist they are documented as medication. Herbal supplements are very popular all over the world and many manufacturers of these supplements are to be found worldwide. If seems like nature has provided an herb to counteract every ailment. They are especially good for skin ailments. This is why there are so many personal products on the market that contain various types of herbs.

Herbs are not only for remedies or ailments but are used widely for culinary purposes as well. Most of us could not imagine what our food would taste like without the addition of our favorite herbs.