There have been all sorts of green tea information. In fact, at the present time, almost all advertising campaigns promote natural, organic lifestyle and they point to one medicinal herb – green tea.

Many have heard of it. Many have used it. But do they really know what it is? Do you really know about green tea information?

Well, sit back and relax as you learn more about the fascinating world of green tea. Be ready to know every but of green tea information.

This marvelous herb comes from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. The leaves endure a painstaking steam process. This process helps in retaining and preserving the essential anti-oxidants that are important to the body.

You see the more anti-oxidants your body has, the more it fights against free radicals. These radicals are the ones that caused damage to your body cells leaving them dull, dry and dent.

You need a supplement that is ideal for you – one, it should not harm your skin and health; and two, it should be natural and safe to consume. Green tea is just that. It contains anti-oxidants and is 100% natural. Thus, a heavy dosage of it is not detrimental to your body.

In fact, there are various studies that prove the healthful benefits of this miraculous plant.

There are experiments in Europe and America that prove the positive effect of green tea on cancer prevention and reduction. Those who experience pre-cancerous condition were asked to drink this herbal tea and the result was astonishing. Regular intake of it reduced cancer cells effectively.

There are also proven claims that this plant lowers cholesterol level. Amazingly, the potential properties of this plant bind to the specific enzymes to the body. By doing this, it cleanses your body from unwanted fatty acids.

Furthermore, it also assists in losing weight. Those who want to lose a couple of pounds might want to incorporate this into their diet. This increases your metabolism causing them to burn more calories without having to do laborious sit-ups or aerobics.

The most important green tea information is that this herbal medicine is different from other dietary tablets. Those tablets cause your heart rate to beat dramatically and hence, it is not recommended to those who have heart problems. Moreover, they will also affect your food craving causing you to starve to death.